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“I was in prison and you visited me”
Matthew: 25:

The Port Pirie Diocese has within its boundaries three prisons and there are chaplains engaged by the diocese to meet, offer support and journey with the prisoners during their term of incarceration. The Diocese has maintained a constant presence of chaplaincy through clergy and faithful people over many years to meet the needs of the prisoners. On leaving prison, people are given a blue bag with toiletries and a food card which offers a dignified exit.

Sister Delma Rani SSAM, visits the Port Augusta Prison four days a week, Father Hau Le visits Cadell weekly and Port Lincoln’s Catholic Prison Chaplains are Father Paul Bourke and Deacon Brenton Mortimer.

During Holy Week and Advent different religious institutes operate as an Ecumenical Co-op to celebrate these important events with the prisoners.

How you can support the work of Prison Ministry

  • Through Prayer
  • Involvement in parish support services for Prison Ministry which include families and released prisoners
  • Becoming a Pen-Pal to a Prisoner
  • By applying to join the chaplaincy team
  • Through donations of goods, services and money

For information or to report an issue:

Prison Ministry
PO Box 404, Port Augusta SA 5700

Pt Augusta Prison Chaplain: Sr Delma Rani 0413 487 095
Cadell Training Centre Chaplain: Fr Hau Le 0401 367 337
                                             Pt Lincoln Prison Chaplain: Deacon Brenton Mortimer 0432 430 474                                            and Fr Paul Bourke 0409 994 756

Prison and Justice System – ACBC Statement 201

There is a significant Indigenous population in the Port Pirie Diocese, though most Indigenous belong to other Christian denominations. Engagement by Church Personnel with Aboriginal people takes place at Port Augusta, Ceduna and Coober Pedy.

Pastoral Ministry concerns the organisation of pastoral activities in the diocese, in such areas as:

  • Adult Faith Formation Programmes
  • Diocesan Media and Communication Committee
  • Organising Diocesan/Regional Pastoral Councils
  • Diocesan Assembly coordination
  • Working on the production of The Witness, the diocesan magazine
  • Promotion of Catholic Mission
  • Child Protection Council
  • Strategic Directions Committee
  • Ecumenical Dialogue
  • Encourage interaction between the parishes, schools and agencies across the Diocese.

The role of the Diocesan Archives is mandated in the Code of Canon Law. It fulfils the Bishop’s obligation to provide for the preservation, collection and protection of the official records of the diocese.

The purpose of the archive is to ensure that records and items are preserved as authentic evidence of the administration, and the spiritual and cultural activities of the diocese.

Diocesan Archivist: Greg Slattery