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Easter 2024


Each year we recall the events which took place over two thousand years ago. Not only am I here reflecting about Christ suffering, death and resurrection, I am referring to all our celebrations throughout the liturgical year with two major ones, Christmas and Easter. One could argue which is more important.  Some of us prefer one over the other. Yet, when we reflect about it, we can come to conclusion that all these celebrations are about Jesus being alive. In Christmas Christ is born into human life. On Easter Christ is risen, human death has no power over the Son of God. In both feasts Christ is revealed as a Lord of life and conqueror of death. That is the reason for our celebrations. That is the reason that we wish each other Happy Easter.

In our time, the time of fast communication, we are aware of almost any conflict or war around the world. Instantly we receive information about disasters in various parts of the world. Some could ask troubling question: where is God and why is He not protecting His people?

The answer to this important question is simple – God is alive, and he wants to be with us. Yet some people are turning away from God to gain more for themselves and this is one of the reasons for conflicts and wars. For these people Christ is not alive, he has not risen. There is no room for him in their nations, societies and groups. They keep the guards at the tomb of Jesus just to be sure that He is still locked in the tomb.

We, who call ourselves Christian and Catholics, have met the risen Lord. When and how we have met Him? Look at your own life. Why do we practice our faith? Why do we pray? Why do we attend celebrations of the Holy Eucharist, the Mass? Because of traditions, because our parents have told us to. In some stage of our life these reasons were good enough. Yet, there was a time when we had to purify our intentions and we have realised that the risen Jesus is not only the Lord of our grandparents or parents, but He is also our Lord and our God.

We have experienced the real presence of the risen Lord in our life. For each one of us this encounter with God was different. Some of us have personal experience of the risen Lord during prayer or meditations. Some of us have met the Lord through the witness and example of other people. Today we are grateful for their presence in our life.

Now is the time for us to become the witnesses of the resurrection. He has done great things in our life. So, we are called to extend His hands and His heart to those around us, family members and friends. This is the main message of Easter – Christ is alive and present in our world and our life.

This Easter message, Christ is Risen, fills our hearts with joy and strengthens our hope which we place in God alone. Our world, our Diocese, our Parishes, our families need witnesses of the resurrection.

May Jesus’ Easter message: “Peace be with you, do not be afraid” fill your heart and your home with great news of joy because our Lord and our God is alive and brings that peace and joy to all who accept Him as their Lord and God.

Alleluia, Christ is risen. Our God is alive!

Author: webmonk