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Easter 2023 – God is alive


Christmas or Easter, which of these has stronger impact in your life? Many of us would respond that Christmas brings more joy as it is about new life. When we celebrate Christ’s birth into human family we think about the gift of life and that fills us with joy. In preparation for Easter, we are going through the celebration of Christ’s passion and death. This fills us with sadness. Yet we must remember that after Good Friday there is a Holy Saturday with the main vigil celebration of Easter, Christ’s Resurrection. In commemorating Christ’s passion, we recall Jesus offering his life in order to restore life. So, these two major celebrations are about God’s gift of life.

Through the sacrament of baptism, we were born to be included as members of God’s family. We are called children of God. For many of us this sacramental entrance into Christianity happened because of the faith of our parents and Godparents who have professed faith on our behalf. Every year, in the Easter celebration we have the opportunity to confirm the faith of our parents by renewing our baptismal promises. This important act of the profession of our faith is the sign that we believe in God who is risen, is alive and is active in our lives.

The words “Christ is risen” should be not only on our lips but in our lives because we are children of the risen Lord. We come to our churches to celebrate God’s gift of life. We commemorate the events from the past and encounter God in our time. Through the Easter celebration we become the witnesses of the Resurrection.

The joy of Easter fills our hearts with faith, hope and love. We do not want to keep that feeling of joy just for ourselves but are ready to share it with our families and friends.

Let us celebrate Easter together in our churches as members of God’s family and continue this celebration around the tables with family and friends remembering that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the main reason of our joyful time together.

In our Diocese we have people from many different countries, cultures and traditions. We have different customs in our gatherings. Whatever custom we follow, if it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, gathering around the table or around the BBQ, it is important to gather and celebrate God’s gift of Life.

In your celebrations, please remember that there could be some who are lonely, they should not be left alone. A simple invitation from you could help them experience that our Christ is Risen, alive and enacting through and in your life.

Have a joyful celebration of Easter because Christ is Risen and He is alive!

Author: webmonk