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Divine Mercy Sunday


Jesus commissioned his disciples: “Receive the Holy Spirit. For those whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven”. Power of God’s Mercy in our time is expressed in His forgiveness. So often we take it for granted until we truly realise how powerful the gift of God’s forgiveness is.

The celebration of the Divine Mercy is not only a wonderful occasion to profess our faith in God and experience His Mercy but it is also a time to renew our trust in Him. “Jesus, I trust in you” – many of us use this short prayer quite often, yet sometimes we don’t realise how powerful this sentence/prayer is.

When everything in our life is fine, we do not see the effect of this entrustment. The moment when something is threatening our life or the life of our loved ones, when the dark clouds gather above our heads, then we can experience how powerful this prayer is: “Jesus, I trust in You”. So, set your heart upon Jesus. The world looks different when you see it through God’s eyes.

So, we pray:

Lord, let your mercy be on us
as we place our trust in you.

The word of the Lord is faithfulness and love.
This love can never be measured.

The word of the Lord means a patient, gentle God.
Whose love can never grow weary.

God’s mercy is as though our sins have never been,
if we can place our trust in God.

Author: webmonk