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Cummins Parish

Cummins, Tumby Bay, Elliston, Port Neill

A Catholic community that endeavours to live the joy of the Gospel.
A Parish – Family of Families – journeying together, breaking bread and sharing life.

Churches in our Parish

St Andrews Church

St Leo’s Church

St Francis of Assisi Church


Mass Times
Tumby BaySAT9:00am
PORT NEILL –  Masses to be announced
Let’s Pray

Lord Jesus Christ, Divine Saviour, You build your holy Church upon the foundation of love expressed by Simon Peter and you taught us how to love others as you have loved us. Be with us as we build our local Church in the Diocese of Port Pirie. May your presence strengthen our will to serve you and support one another. Come and stay with us in our homes. Let your presence in our families help us to refresh our “domestic church” with your gift of love. Open our ears to hear the voice of our neighbours crying out for your support.

Asking for your presence in our local communities, we ask your blessing upon our endeavours of supporting young people through the ministry of the National Evangelisation Team and our Diocesan Youth Ministry. May their efforts help young people courageously open their hearts to God’s gift of love, give them strength to face any challenges in their life, knowing that with God on their side they can achieve great things. For it is in you, O Lord, we place our hope and trust. AMEN

About Our Parish

Parish Priest: Father John Folkman

Child Safe Contact Person: George Pedler

In putting together this brief history, one is overwhelmed by the efforts of the pioneer priests who reached out to a developing West Coast and discovered so many Catholic homes where they stayed and celebrated Mass and the Sacraments for their people. They travelled on horseback, by horse and buggy and finally with cars over some rough and dusty roads before the advent of bitumen. They stayed away from their base at Port Lincoln for weeks at a time for the benefit of many pioneer Catholics in the Cummins district.

Putting together this history is also a celebration of the vibrancy of the Cummins parishioners who have continued to take responsibility for the local Church which is both people and buildings. It is a celebration of both the life and death of Jesus who permeates every aspect of the life of his true followers. It is him alone and not the priests and religious in whom we are called to believe.

Download: History of St Andrew’s Catholic Church

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PO Box 61, Cummins SA 5631
Ph: 0427 717 503
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