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Streaky Bay Parish

Streaky Bay, Ceduna, Chandada, Minnipa, Calca, Smoky Bay,

A Catholic community that endeavours to live the joy of the Gospel.
A Parish – Family of Families – journeying together, breaking bread and sharing life.

A very special welcome if you are visiting our Parish today. It is great to have you with us.

Churches in our Parish

St Canute’s Church

Our Lady Star of the Sea Church

St Michael’s Church

Catholic Church

Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Church

Mass Times
Streaky BaySUN8:30am10:30am8:30am10:30am8:30am


SATURDAY 22nd APRIL: Streaky Bay 7.00p.m.

SUNDAY 23rd APRIL: Chandada 8.00a.m.

Smoky Bay Sports’ Complex 11.00a.m. (Celebrating Family Farming)

Followed by BBQ Lunch and activities for our young parishioners


**NOTE Ceduna May-August Sunday 5pm | Ceduna September-April Sunday 6pm
Let’s Pray

Lord Jesus Christ, Divine Saviour, You build your holy Church upon the foundation of love expressed by Simon Peter and you taught us how to love others as you have loved us. Be with us as we build our local Church in the Diocese of Port Pirie. May your presence strengthen our will to serve you and support one another. Come and stay with us in our homes. Let your presence in our families help us to refresh our “domestic church” with your gift of love. Open our ears to hear the voice of our neighbours crying out for your support.

Asking for your presence in our local communities, we ask your blessing upon our endeavours of supporting young people through the ministry of the National Evangelisation Team and our Diocesan Youth Ministry. May their efforts help young people courageously open their hearts to God’s gift of love, give them strength to face any challenges in their life, knowing that with God on their side they can achieve great things. For it is in you, O Lord, we place our hope and trust. AMEN

About Our Parish

Parish Priest: Fr Steve Ardill

Child Safe Contact Persons: Streaky Bay and Ceduna – Zita Chester

                                                         Chandada and Minnipa – Leanne Cronin

Diocesan News & Events
Parish Bulletins
Contact Parish Office
PO Box 15, Streaky Bay SA 5680
Ph: +61 8 8626 1025
Support Parish

Donate to Parish

Thank you for supporting our parish via Sunday second collections and Direct Deposit. If you would like to donate via Direct Deposit please contact Parish Priest for Bank account details.

For more info about Direct Deposit please contact our parish.

Support Priests

Donate to Priests Fund

Our Priests are supported via Sunday first collections and a few special collections throughout the year. This Fund provides for priests living expenses as well as for ministry expenses.

Thank you for supporting our priests.