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Heather McIntyre

Heather McIntyre

BORN: 16/02/1932

DIED: 27/04/2022

Heather was born on the 16 February 1932 at Snowtown SA, the first child to Veronica and John Borlace. Heather grew up in the Country towns of Snowtown, Wasleys, and Hamley Bridge with her Siblings Maureen (Wauchope) Ken, Bill and Peter. At the age of 16 Heather moved to Adelaide for work and met Clive Stevens, they married in 1953. The following four years Anne, Michael and Helen were born, tragically Clive died suddenly in 1958.  Heather then decided to move to Port Pirie with Maureen her husband Brian and their family. Heather met Jock McIntyre and in 1963 they were married, with John being born shortly after.

The most important things in Heather’s life were her family, friends, and her faith. Heather was a Gift to her family. The legacy – 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren loving them all equally. She was a Gift to her brothers and sisters and in-laws. To Maureen, Heather wasn’t just her elder sister, they were best friends. She was a Gift to her nieces and nephews. Aunty Heather was a comfort, a wise head and a counsel.

In 1962 Heather realised a Childhood dream and became a teacher at St Anthony’s Catholic School, she went on to work at Our Lady of Fatima School then on to teach Junior primary, for the following 27 years at St Mark’s.

During those years, Heather juggled the roles of mother and full-time teacher. She was also involved in many Parish activities and ran the first Holy Communion program for many years. In fact, there’d be very few Catholics in Port Pirie aged between 40 and 70 years that have not either been taught by Mrs McIntyre or guided through their first Holy Communion.

When Heather retired from teaching, her family thought she might live a quieter life. Not so – she launched herself into a post retirement career in the Catholic Womens’ League. Her life then became a flurry of CWL meetings, Social Justice causes, trips and conferences. She was the Diocesan President in Port Pirie for some years.

Heather was a Gift to the CWL who she served tirelessly right through to the end. She made lifelong friends. She was a Gift to the Church, a loyal servant all her life. With deep friendships forged through prayer, meditation, and the many social events.

With most of their children in Queensland, Heather and Jock made the momentous decision to move from Port Pirie to Samford QLD in 2000. With her customary adaptability and determination, Heather soon settled into Queensland life and joined the Congregation there.

Her CWL commitment and passions were then just transferred to another Diocese and Heather joined the CWL City branch and very soon after became President of that branch.

Heather had a deep, strong faith that nurtured, sustained, and gave her a meaning in life. Heather didn’t need to have scientific proof or a searching analysis to believe. She never doubted, she just believed. Although Heather had an amazing determination, bordering on stubbornness and was incredibly stoic, it was her faith that carried her through her most difficult times, such as widowed with 3 children under 5  in her 20’s, it wasn’t just the support of her family but importantly, her faith that gave her the strength to carry on. Throughout her life, Heather turned to her faith constantly to give meaning to not only the troubles in her life but also the joys. Heather lived life to the full and had no wish to die but she was prepared. Her faith again gave her a meaning which now allows her to rest contented and peacefully as she undertakes her final journey.